HR policies and staff pay and grading structures

Here are the Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures within Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and staff pay and grading structures:

Staff Pay and Grading Structure

Staff Pay and grading is published within the statement of accounts - Statement of Accounts

HR Policies and Procedures

The Service has a number of policies and procedures in place, including:

Expenses Policy (extracts taken from the Service Pay and Recognition Policy)

Uniformed (new window PDF 33 KB)

Support Staff Heads of Department (new window PDF 9.4 KB)

Support Staff (new window PDF 10 KB)

All Staff (new window PDF 64 KB)

Grievance Procedure

Uniformed (new window, PDF 51KB)

Support Staff (new window, PDF 34KB)

Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary procedure (new window, PDF 140KB)

External Administrative Support

Payroll administrative support is provided by Access UK. Pension administration is provided by XPS and Cheshire Pension Fund.

Viewing PDF documents

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Last updated: Thursday 07 April 2022