Fleet Services

The Fleet Services team is part of the Operational, Policy and Assurance department.

The Fleet Services team ensures that the operational fleet is well maintained and operationally fit for purpose to ensure that Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service's emergency response capability is available 24/7 throughout the year.

The Fleet Services team reviews, maintains and monitors all vehicle fleets to ensure:

  • Compliance with legislation

  • Are fit for purpose

  • Are safe, well maintained and road legal

  • Capable, efficient, offer value for money and offer leading technology where available

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The Fleet Services Manager is responsible for the day to day management of the following vehicle fleets:

  • Red Fleet – All response emergency vehicles

  • Support Fleet

  • Essential User Leased Fleet

The Fleet Services Manager also ensures the workshops environment is:

  • Safe and risks are reduced as low as reasonably practicable

  • Well equipped to improve efficiencies and developed with technology

  • Controlled to maintain safety, security and risk

Last updated: Wednesday 12 February 2020