The Prevention department oversees much of the community based work undertaken by the Service. This includes delivering fire safety and health and wellbeing advice to residents across Cheshire.

Whilst our core activity will focus on fire safety, we have transformed our successful Home Safety Assessment programme to incorporate a broader programme of work which helps support five identified health interventions through our Safe and Well visits. Safe and Well visits will help to protect some of the most vulnerable in society and assist in reducing demand upon GP practices, hospital A&Es and costs to NHS budgets.

The department undertakes a number of activities to positively engage with young people aged 9 to 25. This is facilitated through our cadet units, RESPECT programmes, and courses run in conjunction with The Princes’ Trust.

The department also works to promote safety on the roads and co-ordinates the work of our cohort of volunteers.

Who are we?

We are made up of operational and support staff:

  • Community safety managers
  • Youth Support Workers
  • Administrative staff
  • Advocates
  • Volunteers

Public Safety gives a great deal of safety advice and more details about the Community Safety department.

Where are we?

We have our main office in Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters but we also have a number of offices throughout the area:

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Safe and Well Visits

Reducing the incidence of fire in the home is a core activity for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. Our Safe and Well visits build upon the proven and effective programme of Home Safety Assessment activity implemented by the Service over many years. Along with our health partners, we recognise that we can make a positive contribution to the health agenda by expanding our traditional the Home Safety Assessment work to include a number of key local health interventions.
We have a target to successfully deliver 40,000 Safe and Well Visits per year which we will achieve by:

  • being intelligence and data led
  • working in partnership with health and social care agencies
  • agency referrals.

View more information about our Safe and Well visits

Partnership Working

Partnerships can have a broad impact on the delivery of our core services and strategies and are a vital tool to help keep the communities of Cheshire safer and healthier. All our partnerships help us deliver Youth Engagement, Road Safety and Community Safety initiatives more effectively and we strive to continue to learn from and engage in partnership working.

We work with a range of local organisations to enable us to contact high risk groups with fire safety information. For people aged over 65 years we run a scheme that helps identify any areas where additional support is needed. We aim to promote, maintain and sustain independent living and we want our children and young people to be safe and healthy and to succeed and enjoy life.

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Domestic Violence

We sit on the board of the MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference). This gives us the opportunity to liaise with other parties such as Cheshire Police and Social Services to identify risks and offer safety measures to the victims of domestic violence.

Also, we liaise with Domestic Abuse Units and other agencies to provide support to CAVAs (Children and Vulnerable Adults) and meet their safety needs. We fit fire-proof letter box covers, smoke alarms, wheelie bin locks and offer fire safety advice to adults and young people.

Children and Young People

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s children and young people projects have made a significant contribution to reducing community risk in Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington communities.

We work proactively with children and young people to provide fire and road safety prevention education, as well as carrying out a range of programmes aimed at tackling wider health or social determinates which may affect their day to day lives. All our Children and Young People programmes are totally inclusive.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has a role model status with young people and therefore we are able to positively engage with groups that other agencies may struggle to connect with. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service run many other Youth Engagement Programmes such as:

Road Safety

We make a significant contribution towards the government's and local authorities road safety agenda; we have unique qualities and professional, competent people in this specialist area who can deliver relevant and critical road safety messages to a wide range of target groups.

We want our roads and byways to be as safe as possible. We will build upon our strong track record of helping to reduce the number of road traffic collisions. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service will be regarded as a key partner in making the road users in our area safer from road traffic accidents.

As part of the Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership we are involved with many campaigns and events throughout the year.

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Safety Central

Safety Central, Cheshire’s first ever education facility dedicated to public safety, aims to take the Service’s prevention work to the next level. The centre enables visitors to learn how to stay safe, well and independent by experiencing a range of hazards and exploring important life skills in four realistic learning zones that simulate the environments in which injury and harm are most likely to occur.

The centre will continue to forge new and exciting partnerships with public and third sector partners and businesses to ensure programmes are relevant, innovative and have the widest possible reach.

View Safety Central website

Deliberate Fires

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to reducing the numbers of deliberate fires in Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington through targeted intervention and effective partnership working.

Volunteer Teams

Community Safety runs a successful Volunteer Programme which engages members of the public in various teams such as the Safety Team, Road Safety, Youth Work, Historical/Heritage Society, Post Fire Support Team and Safety Central Rangers.

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Data Sharing

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to protecting your personal data and recognises that ensuring the accuracy and security of your information is an important factor in retaining your confidence and trust. The information you provide to us will only be used for the purposes that you provide it and will never be used for third party marketing.

We will always ensure that our employees treat any information you give us in strict confidence. All staff have a legal and professional duty to keep information about you confidential and secure.

CFRS Prevention Data Privacy Statement

Last updated: Thursday 11 November 2021