Halton is a largely urban area of 128,432 people with two large towns, Runcorn and Widnes on either side of the River Mersey, 10 miles upstream from Liverpool. The Runcorn Widnes Bridge links the two towns which share a common heritage. Widnes is regarded as the birthplace of the chemical industry and its development spread to Runcorn in the 19th century.

At the end of the 1960s Runcorn was designated as a new town with new road networks and shopping centres built to serve the influx of residents from the centre of Liverpool, many of whom were housed in new social housing. Fewer jobs were available than expected and globalisation saw a rapid contraction of the chemical industry resulting in a massive rise in unemployment. The recent economic crisis has further added to the borough’s pressures as unemployment grows.

Halton has inherited a number of physical, environmental and social problems as a result of its past. The Index of Multiple Deprivation for 2010 ranked the area as the 27th most deprived nationally. Evidence shows the gap in prosperity between the richest and poorest neighbourhoods is widening and local partners are attempting to ‘close the gap’ through locality working in the most deprived areas.

Following national and regional trends, Halton’s population continues to age with older people making up an increasing proportion of the population. Halton’s 65 plus population is set to increase by 33% by 2021. This is in contrast to the working age population which is set to decline by 5% over the next ten years.

Key Statistics from the Halton Area for 2019/20

  • Primary Fires per 100,000 pop - 102.77

  • Deliberate Primary Fires per 10,000 pop - 4.40

  • Deliberate Secondary Fires per 10,000 pop - 15.53

  • Accidental Dwelling fires per 10,000 dwellings - 6.44

  • Fires in Non Domestic Properties per 1,000 non domestic properties - 6.61

  • All Home Safety Assessments Completed - 5,172

Unitary Performance Area Plan

Halton Unitary Performance Area Plan 2019-20 (new window, PDF 2289KB)

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Last updated: Monday 01 March 2021

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