The borough of Warrington covers 176 square kilometres and has a population of 209,745.

It lies at the centre of the North West of England’s communications network, with the M6, M56 and M62 motorways all intersecting within the borough. Two significant waterways serve the main urban area, the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. The role as a crossing point of both river and canal is an essential part of the town’s character. The presence of these motorways, rail routes and waterways means that the Service has to ensure local firefighters have the specialist skills and equipment to respond when there are incidents involving these risks.

Warrington has historically enjoyed high levels of employment, growth and prosperity driven principally by a strong manufacturing base and its key strategic location in the region. Recently a shift from manufacturing to a service-based economy has resulted in financial services being the largest sector providing employment in Warrington (27%) followed by distribution (24%).

Despite a recent growth in unemployment, the Warrington catchment area still records an unemployment rate similar to the national average. Current estimates highlight that Warrington has a slightly younger population than national and regional averages and a smaller proportion of over 65s.

Key Statistics from the Warrington Area for 2019/20

  • Primary Fires per 100,000 pop - 91.42

  • Deliberate Primary Fires per 10,000 pop - 3.10

  • Deliberate Secondary Fires per 10,000 pop - 10.81

  • Accidental Dwelling fires per 10,000 dwellings - 6.53

  • Fires in Non Domestic Properties per 1,000 non domestic properties - 6.90

  • All Home Safety Assessments Completed - 7006

Unitary Performance Area Plan

Warrington Unitary Performance Area Plan 2019-20 (new window, PDF 1284KB)

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Last updated: Monday 01 March 2021

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