Christmas stock and safety

During the Christmas period, we advise that you review your fire risk assessment, you should then act on any significant findings and ensure that your means of escape are properly cleared and maintained.

It is your responsibility to ensure that additional stock does not compromise the means of escape. It is very common for Head offices to send additional stock to retail premises that cannot be safely stored. Communicate with your stock suppliers and make sure you do not get caught out by blocking your escape routes with extra stock.

Also, ensure that your decorations do not compromise the fire safety arrangements of the premises, up date your fire risk assessment if needed to include the fire resistance of your decorations. Remember, although candles can create a festive ambience they are also very dangerous if misused, where possible always use electric candles instead.

Due to the increase in stock your generated waste may also increase, make sure you accommodate this by contacting your waste removal service to arrange additional collections if needed. Many arsonists are opportunists, reduce the chances of becoming a victim of arson by removing their opportunity.

Last updated: Monday 17 May 2021