Gas safety

With over 20 deaths and over 800 gas-related injuries in the last few years, it is crucial that you get your appliances checked every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer to be assured they are working safely and efficiently, and to protect against the dangers of unsafe gas appliances. These unsafe gas appliances can put you and your business at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions.

Warning signs that gas appliances are not working properly include:
  • lazy yellow flames instead of crisp blue ones
  • black marks or stains on or around the appliance
  • too much condensation in the room

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Incorrectly installed and maintained heating and cooking appliances, as well as blocked ventilation have all contributed to severe cases of CO poisoning and fatalities. Many individuals may be constantly exposed to CO poisoning on a regular basis and be unaware that they have a CO problem in their business premises.

Recognise the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning:
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • breathlessness
  • collapse
  • loss of consciousness

Last updated: Wednesday 27 April 2022