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Desk top audits

Under the requirements of The (fire safety) Order 2005, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service must continue to enforce fire safety legislation to keep the public and businesses safe. If at the time of the call you are not able to answer the questions due to business needs  you will be offered an appointment at a scheduled time agreeable by both parties.  This appointment will be confirmed by email from the officer who will be carrying out the desk top audit.

In normal circumstances the audit would be carried out by visiting your premises, however this is not advisable due to current Government guidance.  Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service staff will be asking questions relating to fire safety processes and procedures and asking for supporting documents to be sent to them. This is relevant to support the fire risk assessment for your premises and answers to the questions we are asking.

The information we collect from you will be used to update our contact details and will be used as part of the risk based assessment when we carry out a physical audit post restrictions relating to COVID 19.

The data collected will be stored centrally and securely within Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the call.  This may be used to invite you to free Cheshire Fire and Rescue seminars and/or fire safety events.  We keep the minimum amount of data possible and do not share this with any third party.

Key Messages 

Latest news and updates from our Protection team:

01/01/2021 - NEVER apply water to a fryer fire, isolate the power if it is safe to do so and call 999. You should have a wet chemical fire extinguisher in your kitchen but staff should only try and tackle a fire if they are trained to do so.

31/12/2020 - Cafes, restaurants, takeaways and any other business with extraction ductwork should ensure it is cleaned to the TR19 industry standard.

30/12/2020 - Any build up of grease on your appliance also increases the risk of fire, they should be cleaned regularly to ensure grease does not build up.

29/12/2020 - Users of deep fat fryers need to change the oil regularly, the more the oil is used the lower the auto ignition temperature becomes for the oil and the greater the risk of fire.

24/12/2020 - The business safety elf has helped us create a video explaining simple ways to check your fire doors.

23/12/2020 - Its a magical time of year, but accidents still happen, please be careful when using candles in your business.

22/12/2020 - Make sure this Christmas you're buying genuine products for the workplace.

22/12/2020 - Today our Halton and Warrington Fire Safety Officers have been visiting local community and care homes to give something back over this seasonal period. Here is to all our key workers and community for their continued commitment throughout this challenging year.

22/12/2020 - Father Christmas hopes you've remembered your fire risk assessment. 

21/12/2020 - Our Sprinkler demonstration attracted an unexpected visitor.

18/12/2020 - Even Father Christmas knows you need a Fire Risk Assessment.

17/12/2020 - Halton and Warrington Fire Safety Officers have been working safely with businesses to help achieve compliance with the fire safety order during this seasonal period.

16/12/2020 - Our business safety elves have put together some simple but effective ideas to help reduce the chances of your business falling victim to arson.

11/12/2020 - If you are taking on seasonal staff, are they aware of the fire safety procedures in your business? Have they received r-elf-vent training? Update your fire risk assessment where necessary.

10/12/2020 - Say Watt. Don't forget to switch off decorations at the end of business and never overload sockets or plug extension leads into other extension leads. Like Santa checks his list, check the leads of your electrical items for damage.

10/12/2020 - Halton and Warrington Protection Officers were out and about safely visiting Birchwood shopping centre yesterday delivering key safety messages around managing new procedures, additional stock and fire safety at this time of year.

09/12/2020 - If you have a real fir, spruce or pine tree. Spruce up your Christmas tree safety, don't fir-get they need to stay moist don't let them dry out. You can also use a fire retardant spray and they will feel pine.

08/12/2020 - You may want to dec the halls but keep escape routes clear of decorations, don't block exits or obstruct fire safety arrangements, e.g. fire extinguishers, fire exit signs etc. Think where decorations are displayed, keeping them away from heat sources and flames such as candles.

07/12/2020 - Its snow joke, don't let your waste build up over the festive period! Consider additional collections with the waste disposal company. If you have the facility ensure bins are locked and away from the building if possible.

03/12/2020 - We came across good practice this week and wanted to share the tip. As you can see in the pic internally there is a roller shutter on the fire exit door. The companies implemented a logbook process and whoever is onsite first unlocks the door and signs this.

28/11/2020 - Ensure a competent person carries out all electrical work including the 5 year fixed wiring report for the commercial premises. Never attempt this yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

27/11/2020 - Ensure there are processes in place for the maintenance and use of electrical equipment such as tumble dryers, warehouse machinery and staff have received training on these processes to reduce the risk of fire.

26/11/2020 - Does your business use extension leads? If so opt for gang type leads. Avoid block adaptors, these put strain on wall sockets. Check extension leads for wear and tear to both the plug and cable and replace if damaged. Don't overload and always follow the 13 amp rule.

25/11/2020 - Carry out visual checks on electrical equipment for any signs of damage to wires, plugs and sockets. If you see any damage stop using immediately and replace damaged equipment.

24/11/2020 - Over the last 3 years there's been a slight increase in electrical fires attended by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service around wiring, cabling and plugs.

23/11/2020 - We have seen the most common business type to suffer from electrical fires are retail premises. Look at your fire risk assessment and check if electrical safety is included. Can anything be done to reduce the risk?

23/11/2020 - Over the past 5 years in Cheshire, electrical fires have accounted for 20% of fires in commercial premises, resulting in it being the most common cause of fires in businesses. This week we're supporting electrical safety week raising awareness around the importance of electrical safety.

01/11/2020 - Do you own a HMO with student accommodation? The following guide will help you understand your fire safety requirements.

31/10/2020 - A common issue in HMO's is Compartmentation. This should be included in your Fire Risk Assessment for both the internal and the external of the property. This includes the walls, ceilings and doors. Always ensure there are not any gaps.

Increased storage of flammable products

Are you storing increased flammable products due to demand relating to COVID-19?

The presence of large amounts of flammables in a premises means that a fire involving the flammables will grow quicker. This in turn means that you have less time to get out of the area. As such, you should look to introduce measures which provide faster warning of fire, shorten the time it takes to get out, and to increase the time available to get out.

Find out more - Increased storage of flammable products 

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