What Are We Doing?

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is trying to reduce the number of false fire alarms (unwanted fire signals) that we attend. We are working with local businesses.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to the people who are most at need, whether that is attending emergency incidents or providing community safety advice to our most vulnerable communities. 

By limiting the amount of time spent dealing with unnecessary calls to false alarms, we can only improve our performance in these very important areas.

Monitor levels of false alarms

Our Community Fire Protection team closely monitor the level of false fire alarms (unwanted fire signals) from all businesses premises.

Contact premises who have repeat false fire alarms

We contact or visit those premises which create repeated or a large number of unwanted fire signals.

Create action plans

We work in partnership with the premises to create action plans to reduce the level of unwanted fire signals.

Enforcement activities

Where a business shows little interest or improvement in reducing unwanted fire signals, it may be appropriate to instigate enforcement activities against the premises, under the current legislation. 

Firefighters may also give advice to premises owners if they are called to an automatic fire alarm and it is a false alarm. 

Last updated: Wednesday 08 December 2021