What Can You Do?

There are some things that you can do to help to reduce the number of false fire alarms (unwanted fire signals) at your workplace/business premises.

Good practice

It will obviously depend on your specific problem, but some general good practices should include:

  • Appoint a responsible person, as per the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005, to ensure all matters relating to fire safety within the premises (including the fire alarm system) are adhered to

  • Maintain the fire alarm system in good working order

  • Ensure the alarm is appropriate to the risk

  • Consider upgrading older systems. Money spent now could save money on lost business due to constant unwanted fire signals

  • Ensure all relevant persons are made aware of the impact of unwanted fire signals - both on the business and on the fire and rescue service

  • Consider implementing a delay in the system to allow for investigation. It is important you seek advice from your local Fire Safety department before you implement this though

  • During the summer months consider fixing flea collars to specific detector heads that are known to be vulnerable to insect infiltration.

Last updated: Wednesday 08 December 2021