Fire doors

Fire doors

Fire doors save lives and property.

About fire doors

About 3 million new fire doors are bought and installed every year in the UK. But to save lives, fire doors must work correctly.

  • They are part of a building’s passive fire protection system and are fundamental to most fire strategies for buildings

  • They provide critical protection within a building such as escape routes (stairs and corridors) and places of relative safety, and in separating different fire hazards in a building

Importance of fire doors

Important information about fire doors:

  • To save lives, fire doors must work correctly

  • They must be tested and third-party certificated to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634 Part 1

  • They must be fitted with the correct and compatible components suited to the door leaf and its purpose

  • Like any fire safety device, they should be installed and maintained by competent people

  • Never prop open a fire door

Five step fire door check

There is a five step that you need to carry out on all fire doors within your premises. 

Download the five step fire door check leaflet:

Leaflet - five step fire door check (new window, PDF 69KB)

Spotting a faulty fire door

Download the following leaflet which contains information about how to spot a faulty fire door:

Leaflet - Indicators of fire door failure (new window, PDF 2063KB)

Fire doors - what to do

  • Buy fire doors, frames and components from certificated companies

  • Check the certificate matches the door

  • Install and maintain fire doors using competent personnel

  • Make sure that ironmongery components are CE marked

Fire doors - don't

  • Fit a fire door like any other door – it’s not, it’s an engineered safety device

  • Cut vision panels and other holes on site

  • Patch up a fire door

  • Take risks by reducing the specification

  • Disconnect a fire door closer

  • Prop or wedge open a fire door

Responsible person poster

Download the following poster, which can be used to give people the contact details of the person responsible for the fire doors:

Poster - reporting faulty fire doors - responsible person poster (new window, PDF 129KB)

Poster - for tenants

Poster for tenants about the importance of fire doors:

Fire door poster for tenants (new window, PDF 111KB)

Myths about fire doors

Download a leaflet containing a list of myths about fire doors:

Leaflet - myths about fire doors (new window, PDF 321KB)

Video - Fire Door Safety Week

Video - How safe are your fire doors?

Video - top tips for installing a fire door

Useful links

Fire Door Safety Week campaign website (opens in new window)

5 Step check (opens in new window)

Last updated: Friday 23 September 2022

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