If I am the owner or manager of a heritage building what should I do?

If you are the owner or manager responsible for one of these buildings there are some fairly simple actions which you can take which will:

  • lower the risk of your building being involved in a fire; and

  • in the event of a fire or other emergency limit the damage to your building and its contents.

1. Make an assessment of the risk of a fire occurring in your building

When you have assessed the risks consider what you can do to reduce or eliminate those risks.  For help in carrying out a risk assessment visit the gov.uk website (opens in new window).

2. Is the building provided with an adequate warning system in the event of fire?

For further advice contact your local Protection team.

3. Draft a 'Salvage Plan'

This can be a very simple operation for small buildings, but will require more thought for larger and more complex buildings.  For guidance on what you should include here is some Salvage Plan advice (new window, Word Document 23KB)

4. Talk to the staff at your local Fire Station if your building is in rural area and access is poor

Our fire-fighters will be people who live in the local area and the chances are they will be well aware of your property and will be glad to discuss any problems you may have.

This will help us to plan for potential incidents by assessing any problems (such as access and poor water supplies) we may face in dealing with fires or other emergencies.

For further advice contact your local Fire Station.

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