Fire safety considerations for re-opening premises

When you re-open your business after lockdown there area few key fire safety points you will want to consider.

  • If your business is occupied during hours of darkness, you will need to consider emergency lighting.

  • The maintenance and testing of your fire detection and fire prevention equipment must be continued and not forgotten.

  • If you are allowing lone working in your business you must ensure that you and your employees are safe and you are following The Fire Safety Order 2005.

  • Your fire risk assessment should reflect any changes in staffing.

  • New staff should be correctly trained and informed in fire safety.

  • Even with the changes to staffing and shift patterns, it is still important to have a trained fire marshal present during business open hours.

  • Continue implementing arson prevention methods and techniques, if your business is unattended there is a chance it could become a target.

Last updated: Thursday 09 December 2021