Tools to help prepare for audits

Tools to help prepare for audits

While fire legislation places a legal requirement upon employers and responsible persons to ensure the fire safety of their premises regardless of fire service intervention, we are reminding people of their responsibilities. Business owners and managers should check to make sure that:

  • The fire risk assessment for the premises is up to date and has been acted on;

  • Measures to reduce the risk of fire are in place and are working;

  • Fire precautions in the building are working;

  • The premises emergency plan is up to date and appropriate to ensure evacuation in case of fire without the need for assistance from fire crews;

  • All staff know what to do in case of fire.

Briefings for senior staff, reviews of risk assessments and validation of your emergency plan information are key features in preparation and response during the dispute. 

Fire risk management

Information on most aspects of fire risk management is available by visiting the following web page on this website:

Fire risk management - your responsibilities

Free guides

Free sample guide for log book

Free sample guide for risk assessment (opens in new window)

Free sample guide for emergency planning/Business continuity (opens in new window)

Free sample guide 5 steps to risk assessment checklist (opens in new window)

Risk assessment guides

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Tools to help prepare for audits