Farm fire safety tips

Every year in the UK over 1,700 farm buildings and 66,000 areas of grassland are destroyed by fire. Fifty per cent of these fires are started deliberately, either as an act of mindless vandalism or a fraudulent insurance claim.

A serious fire on a farm can affect the financial stability of even the most well run business. Forty per cent of businesses that suffer arson attacks never trade successfully again.

Download our farm fire safety checklist

Please use the link below to download our farm fire safety booklet and checklist, for tips on how to keep your farm safe from fire. This booklet contains an easy to follow fire safety check-list:

Farm fire safety booklet and fire safety checklist (opens in new window)

Tips to keep your farm safe from fire

  • Be careful when disposing of cigarettes and matches - a lighted cigarette butt thrown from a passing vehicle can mean the loss of whole fields of standing crops

  • Don't leave glass bottles lying around - glass bottles on grass or in woodlands can cause fires to start.

  • Hay and straw should be removed from fields as soon as possible after harvesting.

Farm - arson

Farms are particularly vulnerable to arson due to their isolated location and open boundaries. Whilst arson attacks on farms and small holdings may be difficult to eliminate, a number of simple precautions can help to reduce the risk of attack:

  • Provide, repair or replace damaged fencing or gates

  • Install intruder sensors and security lighting

  • Maintain the security of out buildings

  • Replace or re-site security and warning notices

  • Maintain fire fighting equipment and check that it is in good order

  • Prepare a fire routine and action plan, make sure all farm workers know what to do.

Last updated: Tuesday 30 May 2017

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