How safe are you?

This checklist will help you to reduce your chances of suffering an arson attack at your work place:

1. Limit the number of entrances in use - but do not lock fire exits!  Make sure waste materials or vehicles do not block fire escape doors on the inside and outside of the building.

2. Keep a watch on what's going on.  Larger businesses may consider having a security guard at main entrances. In smaller shops and businesses you and your staff should be vigilant.

3. If you are based in a mall or on an industrial or retail park, talk to the security manager of the whole site.

4. Make sure the site is secured at night and report any signs that it is not.

5. Ensure that doors and windows are in good repair and that locks are working.

6. Gaps under doors to the street should be as narrow as possible to stop lighted paper or fuel being pushed under them.

7. Letterboxes should have a metal container fitted on the inside to contain any fires from lighted rags, paper or fireworks.

8. Keep a list of people holding keys. Chase up any that are missing.

9. Identify entry routes for intruders - via yards, drain pipes, flat roofs. What can you do to prevent such access?

10. Special danger areas include storage and warehousing. Make it a rule that access is only available to authorised members of staff.

11. All perimeter security must be maintained and secure. Good security prevents arson as well as theft.

12. Is there a system - or should there be - for leaving lights on at night?

13. Do not let rubbish become a threat. For example:

  • Packaging, waste or rubbish must not be left to accumulate anywhere on the premises.  

  • Make sure you do not allow waste materials to build up inside of your property.  

  • Rubbish should be moved regularly to a safe storage place. 

  • Safe storage means metal bins with closed lids - preferably locked away in their own compartment.  

  • Arrange regular collections of refuse and waste by the Local Authority or a contractor.

Last updated: Thursday 09 December 2021