Fire safety enforcement

We always aim to help businesses to comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 (“the Fire Safety Order”).  However, at times we have to enforce the law by implementing a formal enforcement procedure.  We will endeavour to avoid this course of action by working with you, the business owner/manager to resolve deficiencies to meet a satisfactory conclusion where possible, dependent upon the risk.

Fire safety audit

If your business is audited you will be visited by a qualified fire safety officer who will follow a set procedure which is designed to establish your compliance with the requirements of the Fire Safety Order.  Our officer may walk round all or part of your premises, speak to your staff or inspect records such as your fire alarm or emergency lighting test records.  At the end of the audit your premises will be given a rating.


If your premises have any deficiencies you will receive a letter from us advising you of the remedy you should take to gain compliance.  The fire safety officer who carried out the audit will be on hand to advise you should you have any questions.  You will be given a reasonable time scale in which to carry out the work required.

Failure to comply

If you fail to carry out the required action or if the risk from fire is so great we may implement the formal enforcement process:

  • An Alteration Notice may be served if we believe any structural alterations being made to the premises will constitute a serious risk to relevant persons (whether due to the features of the premises, their use, any hazard present or any other circumstances).

  • An Enforcement Notice may be served on you if we believe you have failed to comply with any provision of the Fire Safety Order.

  • A Prohibition Notice may be served if we believe that the risk to people from fire is so serious that we must prohibit or restrict the use of part or all of the premises until the matters referred to have be put right.

The National Enforcement Register

The National Enforcement Register is the national register detailing enforcement, prohibition and alterations notices issued to 'Responsible Persons' by Fire & Rescue Authorities under the Fire Safety Order. 

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service utilises the National Enforcement Register which is operated by the National Fire Chiefs Council.The Enforcement register has moved to a new location and can be found here National Enforcement Register. At present historic records have not yet been moved to the new register and cant be viewed via this link. It is also not currently possible to update the historic records, and therefore if you have an enquiry about enforcement action taken by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service please contact us by email  

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service enforces the statutory duties imposed by the Fire Safety Order on behalf of the Cheshire Fire Authority. In discharging these duties, the Service adheres to the principles of best practice recommended by government for regulatory bodies.

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