Apprenticeship selection process

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On this page you can find out how to apply to become a Firefighter and Community Safety Apprentice and all about the selection process:

Step 1 - The Application Form

The Firefighter and Community Safety (FCS) Apprentice Application Form is made up of four parts:

  • Part 1 - Pre-application Checklist

In this section, we ask you to complete a number of questions to help you determine whether you are likely to enjoy the apprenticeship and whether you are eligible to apply. Prior to completing this, you should read the guidance on our website which provides you with an insight in to the role of a firefighter and the requirements.

  • Part 2 - About You

  • Part 3 - Behaviours and Skills

In this section, we ask you to tell us about your skills and experience in relation to various behaviours that are required as a FCS Apprentice.

Here you will need to provide an example of an activity you have done within the last 2 years that best illustrates your experience in this area.

Don’t worry about you not having work based examples, you may draw on your experiences from college, school, at home, or in your leisure time as well as work-based experiences. There are 6 questions to complete.  Remember you are limited to 250 words per skill and behaviour.

  • Part 4 - Supporting Information

In this section, we ask you to tell us about why you are interested in becoming a Firefighter and Community Safety Apprentice and any hobbies or interests that you have or volunteering activities that you have undertaken which may be relevant.

  • Part 5 - Declarations and Forms

Step 2 - Assessment

The role of a firefighter within Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is a demanding one and so it is important for us to assess your ability to handle situations and challenges you will face.   Should your application be successful, you will be invited to participate in ability tests. You must pass the assessments if you are to move on to the next stage of the application process.

Don’t worry though - you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the fire service to do well here. 

Step 3 - Telephone interviews

On successfully passing the ability tests, you may (numbers dependent) be asked to take part in a short telephone interview.  Here you will be asked questions about yourself. 

Step 4 - Apprenticeship Assessment Centre

Well done on getting this far. The next step is an invitation to the Physical Firefighter tests at our state of the art Training Centre in Winsford, for either a morning or an afternoon. These will take place week commencing 25th October 2021.

You will also be invited to an Assessment Centre at Winsford on one of the following dates:

Monday 1st November 2021

Thursday 4th November 2021

Friday 5th November 2021

Monday 8th November 2021

What are the Physical Firefighter tests?

Nationally to become a firefighter you must undertake physical tests to determine your fitness level and your suitability to the role.  These tests include:

  • Ladder Climb - This aims to test your confidence and heights.

  • Casualty Evacuation - This aims to test your upper and lower body strength as well as your co-ordination.

  • Ladder Lift - This aims to test your upper and lower body strength as well as your co-ordination.

  • Enclosed Space - Working in enclosed spaces is sometimes required when working as a Firefighter.  The test is designed to test your confidence, agility and stamina working in these conditions.

  • Equipment Assembly - This test is designed to assess your manual dexterity and coordination.

  • Equipment Carry - This aims to test your upper and lower body strength as well as your co-ordination.

These sessions are run by our Operational Training Group and so you will be in safe hands as you progress through the exercises.  These practical tests will last approximately 3 hours.

More information about all these tests is available on our website, including training sheets and other advice and guidance.

Videos - National Firefighter Selection Tests

The one day assessment centre will include an interview and various exercises to assess your potential. These exercises will be fun and challenging and will test skills such as interpersonal, communication and team-working skills.  All skills that are assessed will be key to you being effective within this apprenticeship.

These will take place week commencing 17th and 24th June.

On being invited to the Assessment Centre, you will be sent an information pack containing more information about the Assessment Centre and what to expect.  The pack will also detail how to log on to complete an online psychometric test which must be submitted prior to attending the centre.

Step 5 - The Medical and Checks

We need you to take a full medical assessment prior to joining us.  We will need you to meet the nationally agreed health and fitness standards for the physically demanding and potentially hazardous role of a firefighter and to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

The assessment will be conducted by our Occupational Health Unit.  This will take place at our Winsford location.

The tests that will be completed on the day will include:

  • A check of your blood pressure and pulse;

  • Checks of your height, weight and body mass index;

  • A hearing test;

  • A grip strength test;

  • A vision test;

  • A test of your lung function;

  • A drugs and alcohol test.

Further details of the medical requirements and exactly what will be tested can be found on our website.

We will also need to carry out a criminal records check with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Yes you’ve made it!!!! Welcome to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Last updated: Monday 27 September 2021