On-call firefighter training

All on-call firefighters will complete an initial training course and a breathing apparatus course within 12 weeks of the date of start of employment.

The initial training course is demanding and intensive but it is very rewarding. People on the course will learn about the competencies expected of a Firefighter.

People cannot take any time off during this training programme and should ensure that no holidays or prior engagements are booked or organised.

Support, guidance and mentoring will be given, in order to assist trainees during their initial training course and breathing apparatus course modules.

Trainees are also required to attend their fire station for training and development for two hours per week on programmed drill nights.

Training courses held at the Fire Service Headquarters in Winsford are as follows:

  • Initial Course: one week (five day course) - Monday to Friday or can be taken over a period of three consecutive weekends where available (six days)

  • Breathing apparatus:  Monday to Friday over two consecutive weeks

  • Road Traffic Collision: four day course

  • Water Safety: one day course

  • HAZMAT: two day course

  • Height Safety: two day course

  • Positive Pressure

  • Ventilation (PPV): two day course

Please note that if you have primary employment you may wish to notify your employer of the time that you will require in the first 12 weeks to complete your training.

Last updated: Monday 20 July 2015