Kathy Williams

Kathy Williams My name is Kathy Williams and I live in Winsford. I am a Volunteer Cadet Staff member at Winsford Fire Station.

Before early retirement, I had 42 years with ICI/INEOS as a Site Shift Manager looking after the large chemical complex at Runcorn. Having done a number of emergency exercises with CF&RS I chose Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service specifically to volunteer with, as I wanted to put my existing skill set to good use and felt CFRS had a focussed attitude and way of working.

As a Cadet Leader I support the scheme by providing the cadets to develop personally, socially and with self discipline.
In a team environment, we promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by organising structured activities which develop cadets to take informed decisions.

For myself, I enjoy working with the young people seeing them develop both in their physical/technical abilities and also in their life skills. I’m proud of their individual successes but I’m also proud of them as a team when I see their maturity and their eagerness to engage in activities out in the community. Selfishly I also feel a sense of personal achievement when I’ve found a way to help someone achieve a goal.

Last updated: Thursday 04 June 2020

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Kathy Williams