Frequently asked questions about the Alert system

Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Alert system used by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to send messages to members of the public in Cheshire:

What is the Cheshire fire and Rescue Alert system?

Alert is a secure community messaging service, powered and secured by the Neighbourhood Alert network. The system enables you to receive messages from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Cheshire Police and Neighbourhood watch - containing news and information about policing activity or initiatives, crime prevention advice as well as major incidents affecting your area.

What sort of information can I expect to receive?

We will also use this service to keep you informed in the event of a major incident impacting on Cheshire - all free of charge.

You can also choose to receive information about firefighter recruitment, fire safety information for businesses, information messages for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and general news from your local fire and rescue service.

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team will use the service to keep you updated with local police activity and crime prevention advice.

How do I register?

Registration is free and simple to follow, please follow this link to register:

Register - join the Alert system

To register you will need to provide us with information such as your contact details and the subjects and areas of Cheshire you would like to receive messages about.

How does the service work?

Once you have registered you will begin to receive messages in relation to incidents or events impacting on Cheshire.

You will usually receive messages via email unless you have specified otherwise.

On some occasions it may be appropriate for messages to be sent in other ways such as text message or voicemail. In order to make sure you are getting the most out of this service please do keep your details up to date, you can amend your details at any time by logging in to your account which you can do using the link below:

Access your online Alert account. 

Can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from the service and discontinue receiving messages at any time. To unsubscribe, email or click the Change Settings link which appears at the bottom of every Alert email we send, from this secure screen you can change the type and priority of messages you receive or unsubscribe altogether.

If you wish to provide feedback on this service please email

Can I register for more than one area of Cheshire?

You can register for more than one area of Cheshire, for example you may wish to receive information for both the areas where you live and work, or for the area where you live and also where an elderly relative lives.

To receive local messages for additional areas, complete your registration and log into your Alert account:  Access your online Alert account. 

Once logged in, click Message Settings and from the drop down list click Alerting areas. The instructions on this page will explain how to add any number of new areas to your account and will enable you to display an overview map of them. You can remove or edit these at any time from the same section.

What will using this service cost me?

There is no charge to people receiving messages through Alert.

On rare occasions when you reply to a text message or recorded telephone call from the system you will be charged at your standard network rate for sending a text message or for dialling an 0845 number (approx 4.5p per minute).

Who will have access to my personal information?

As part of the registration process you will be asked for some personal information including your contact details as well as the subject areas you are interested in.

You will also be given the opportunity to share your information with a limited number of public sector/volunteer organisations who are licensed to use this service; we call these licensed organisations Information Providers or Partners. You can choose not to share your information with any of these Information Providers/Partners during registration and at anytime thereafter.

Will other agencies use the service to send me messages?

The available Information Providers or Partners may vary based on your location but will include: The Police, Fire & Rescue, Neighbourhood Watch, The Local Authority and VISAV (system administrator messages only).

Last updated: Thursday 05 October 2017

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