Ghana School Project 2013

Goodbye Ghana!

Today the cadets visited Accra Fire Station and then headed back to the UK.

Eid celebrations and the last supper

Today the cadets travelled to witnessed Eid celebrations and tasted FuFu.

Sky high and lunch with crocodiles!!

Today the cadets visited Kakum National Park

Market stalls and castle cells

Today the cadets visited Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle.

Cadets' School reunion

Today the cadets visted two other schools that had been built by Cheshire Fire Cadets on previous visits to Ghana.

Monkey Business!

Today the cadets visted a monkey sanctuary and WLI falls.

R&R Ghanaian-style

Today the cadets had a rest and relaxation day after the bus they have been using needed minor repairs.

Durbar Day and dancing

Today the cadets took part in Durbar Day.

Coconuts, costumes and completing the school project

Today the cadets visited local communites and finished the restoration of the school.

Building furniture for the school

Today the cadets built furniture for the school and carried on refurbishing and painting inside the kindergarten and the previous school.

Painting the school

Today the cadets started to paint the school, built tables and chairs, and played lots of games with the Ghanaian children in the village

Cadets are welcomed by the community of Abordahi

Another day in Ghana for the group of cadets - this time they visit a local fire station and then they make their way to the village of Abordahi where there's lots of dancing, football and games!

Cadets arrive in Ghana

Cadets from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service have safely arrived in Ghana and they have now arrived in a small village called Ho.

Cadets - Ghana School Project 2013

Cheshire cadets will be visiting Ghana on 27th July 2013 for two weeks, as part of the Ghana School Project.