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CBRNE presentationToday I delivered a presentation on CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological and Explosives) to my Watch.

As part of my development to become a competent Firefighter I’m required to research and gather information on a variety of compulsory subjects including Building Construction, LGV and Coach Design and CBRNE. Along with these, I’m also required to deliver presentations on various pieces of equipment to the Watch, to demonstrate that I know not only how to use it operationally, but also that I’m aware of legislation relating to it, design and specifications and standard tests. In my presentation today I used the Manchester Arena attacks as a case study, focusing on the Fire Service response and presenting facts and figures relating to the incident.

As well as gathering evidence of my development by delivering presentations like this one, I also write up incidents that I attend, and detail what my role was. It is important for us to demonstrate our roles in a wide range of incidents before we can become competent, and get exposure as well as just training for them.

Apprentice Firefighter Jessica Elbeck

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CBRNE presentation


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