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Apprentice firefighter Elbeck at Wilmslow AcademyThe first thing we do when you arrive for duty each day is to thoroughly check that the equipment on the fire engine, that it is in good working order and all there ready for us to use.

We then check all our kit and find out what’s in the station diary for that day.

Today we had a primary school visit at Wilmslow Academy and we delivered a Key Stage 2 ‘Escape to Safety’ talk to the older children.

Me, watch manager Ollie and crew member Simon took it in turns to deliver different parts of the talk, to the class, which was split into two. Whilst one half went outside to be shown the equipment and the fire engine the other half was given the presentation in the classroom.

We spoke to about the different types of incidents we attend, and showed them our personal protective equipment (PPE). We made this interactive by inviting some children up to the front of the class to try on the firefighter kit.

After answering a few inquisitive questions the groups were swapped.

We are always on duty and available to respond to emergency 999 calls when we are out and about talking to groups.

We carry a radio with us at all times, just in case we do get called to an incident halfway through, which does happen.

If we do get a call it always makes our visit a bit more exciting for the children as we leave on blue lights. We do try and go back to any school or group and finish off the talk, if it’s nothing too serious that we have been called to.

Community engagement is a big part of the modern day firefighter role and I quickly learnt how important it is to be able to speak to people from all walks of life and on all levels. I’ve also learnt how to be confident around the many different audiences I meet as part of my job.

No two days are the same when you are an apprentice firefighter and you never know what you’ll be doing next, which I love.

Apprentice Firefighter Jessica Elbeck

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Apprentice firefighter Elbeck at Wilmslow Academy


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