Nepal School Project 2015

Sat phone down again but they're trekking on

It’s day 11 in the Himalayas. The team have once again lost signal and we’ve not had contact with them but they are trekking so it’s understandable.

Cheshire we have contact!

Hurrah! The sat phone is working again so here is the latest news from Nepal!

The opening ceremony!

It was a wonderful opening ceremony at the school on Saturday.

Cadets arrive in Thulodhunga

Unfortunately the Fire Cadets are currently having trouble getting a signal on the satellite phone so can’t send it their daily blog today, but we do know that they have made it to the village of Thulodhunga and that they are busy painting a mural on the side of the school today, ready for the handover ceremony at 10am tomorrow, Saturday October 31

Yak cheese and buffalo salami!

We took two planes to Phaplu. They were both twin propellor planes and, although we suffered a bit of turbulence, it was nothing too scary.

Flying through the Himalayas!

It was an early start for our flight to Phaplu this morning, to take off at 8.30am, so we are all feeling it, but looking forward to the journey ahead and a day spent exploring local villages.

Getting acclimatised

We've had a great first day in Kathmandu and are now getting ready for an early morning flight to Phaplu.

Hello Nepal - we've arrived!

We're all well after our 15 hour flight.

Nepal School Project 2015

Cheshire Fire Cadets are heading off for a trip of a lifetime to help finish off a much needed, safe school for children in Nepal.