Barn fire in Chester

29/08/2013 - 15:22

Caughall Road, Upton, Chester

Two fire engines from Chester and two from Ellesmere Port


UPDATE AT 08:30 on 30/08/2013:

Firefighters continued to tackle the blaze.  At 17:35 a tractor was used to remove hay from the barns as crews turned over the hay and damped down using main jets.  Damping down continued throughout the night, with a second tractor being brought in to help with removing the hay.  The incident was reduced to one fire engine at 22:20 with the crew turning over, digging out and damping down hay and monitoring to make sure there were no further outbreaks of fire.  A relief crew was brought in at 07:00 and remains at the scene. 


Crews have established a water supply from the open water canal nearby.  Firefighters, two wearing breathing apparatus, have divided the incident into two sectors to fight the blaze.  Sector one is being tackled using main jets and sector two using hose reel and ground monitor. 

Details will be updated as they become available.


Firefighters are at the scene of a fire involving two barns on Caughall Road, Upton.  The fire is understood to have started in a vehicle and spread to the two barns which contain straw.  Four fire engines are at the scene and crews are engaged in tackling the blaze using one main jet and a hose reel jet. 

The property belongs to Chester Zoo but is away from the main site and no personnel, members of the public or animals are involved in the incident.

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Last updated: Friday 30 August 2013