Female trapped following a collision in Rode Heath

14/05/2019 - 09:51

Knutsford Road, Rode Heath

Two fire engines attended, one from Congleton and one from Alsager

At around 9.50am firefighters were called to reports of a collision on Knutsford Road in Rode Heath.
On arrival crews discovered that the collision involved a saloon car and a large goods vehicle and that a female was trapped inside the car.
Paramedics assessed the condition of the casualty.
Firefighters liaised with paramedics about the best way to get her out of the vehicle.
Firefighters then removed the driver's side door using specialist cutting equipment.
Once the door was removed firefighters got the casualty out of the car and handed her over to the care of the paramedics.
She was taken to hospital via an ambulance.
Firefighters were in attendance for around 40 minutes.
Police also attended to control traffic.

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