Fire at an industrial waste facility in Runcorn

11/07/2019 - 16:47

Barlow Way, Runcorn

Two fire engines attended, one from Runcorn and one from Widnes

At around 4.45pm firefighters were called to a report of a fire at the Runcorn Energy Recovery Facility in Barlow Way.
On arrival the crews liaised with on-site personnel regarding the fire at the industrial building measuring approximately 100 metres by 70 metres by 30 metres.
The fire in a chute and bunker involved around 10 tonnes of waste.
On-site water cannons were used to fight the fire as firefighters monitored it on CCTV.
An on-site extraction system was also used.
The fire looked to be out shortly before 6pm.
On-site personnel then gradually moved the waste into an incinerator whilst firefighters checked the industrial waste facility for hot spots using a thermal imaging camera.
Firefighters continued to monitor the site until 10.30pm, when they were satisfied that the site was safe from fire.
They returned to the site the following morning to check that it was still safe.
An inspection revealed that no hot spots had developed overnight.
On-site personnel had monitored the building overnight.

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Last updated: Friday 12 July 2019