Ground floor flat fire in Macclesfield

21/02/2020 - 13:55

Chantry Court, Macclesfield

Three fire engines attended, two from Macclesfield and one from Bollington


Shortly before 2pm firefighters were called to a report of a fire in an occupied ground floor flat in Chantry Court, Macclesfield.

On arrival crews discovered that the fire was in a bedroom and that no-one was unaccounted for.

Smoke alarms were sounding and two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus extinguished the fire with a hose reel jet.

Firefighters then damped the bedroom down to make it safe and inspected the flat to make sure that the fire had not spread.

They used a thermal imaging camera to look for hotspots.

Firefighters also used a large fan to clear smoke from the flat.

Two women were taken to hospital after being assessed by paramedics. They were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Firefighters were in attendance for around two hours.

An investigation will into the cause of the fire has begun.

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