Large garage fire in Chester

25/04/2019 - 21:42

Rake Lane, Backford, Chester

Six fire engines initially attended, one from Powey Lane, one from Chester, two from Ellesmere Port, one from Frodsham and one from Deeside. Relief fire engines later attended from Malpas, Runcorn and Northwich.


At around 9.40pm firefighters were called to reports of a fire involving a garage in Rake Lane, Backford, Chester. On arrival crews found a double garage well alight and that everyone was accounted for.

The double garage measured approximately 10 metres by 15 metres and had two vehicles inside it. There was an annex at the back of the garage.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus each used a hose reel jet to fight the large fire. The crews also used two main jets and a covering jet.

A water shuttle was set up to get enough water to the area. The electricity supply to the garage was isolated.

The fire was contained within the garage and did not spread beyond it. Once the fire was out firefighters damped the area down to make it safe and monitored temperatures using a thermal imaging camera.

This continued throughout the night, with relief fire engines attending the incident.

A fire investigation will be carried out to establish the cause of the fire.

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Last updated: Friday 26 April 2019