Large gorse fire on Helsby Hill in Frodsham

29/06/2018 - 20:08

Hill Road North, Frodsham

Six fire engines attended - two from Ellesmere Port, one from Frodsham, one from Powey Lane, one from Tarporley and one from Nantwich


Large gorse fire on Helsby Hill in FrodshamAt around 8.05pm firefighters were called to reports of grass and trees being on fire on Helsby Hill in Frodsham.

On arrival at Hill Road North crews discovered that the fire involved a large amount of gorse, which spread across the top of the hill by the wind.

The incident affected visibility on the nearby M56 due to the smoke.

Firefighters used two hose reel jets, water backpacks and beaters to fight the on Helsby Hill in Frodsham

The fire was deep seated in places.

A water shuttle was set up to get water to the area.

A lighting system was also set up to enable firefighters to work at night.

Crews continued to dampen down hotspots late into the night and a decision was taken to withdraw shortly after midnight for safety reasons due to working near cliff edges in hours of darkness.

Two fire engines returned at around 7am the following morning to continue the work, using hose reels on the gorse to prevent further flare ups.

Once the fire was extinguished the area was damped down and firefighters checked for hotspots to make sure it was safe.

Firefighters eventually left the scene at around 11pm on Saturday 30 June - around 27 hours after being called to the incident.

The fire is believed to have started accidentally.

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Last updated: Monday 02 July 2018

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fire on Helsby Hill in Frodsham
Large gorse fire on Helsby Hill in Frodsham