M6 Multi-vehicle collision

04/09/2019 - 17:28

M6 near Knutsford

Five fire engines in attendance from Lymm, Birchwood, Northwich, Powey Lane and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue


Shortly before 5.30pm firefighters were called to reports of a collision on the M6 northbound, near Knutsford.

On arrival at the scene the crews discovered the incident involved two HGVs.

One of vehicles involved is a tanker which is carrying approximately 32,000 litres of concentrated gin which is leaking onto the carriageway.

Due to the flammability of the alcohol a decision was taken to close the motorway in both directions as a precautionary measure.

Firefighters are currently working hard to stem the leak.

Crews are also coating the spilt alcohol with foam to prevent it from igniting. 

There are no reports of any injuries at the current time.

Update - 8.30pm

Firefighters are continuing their attempts to stem the source of the leak and a 300 metre cordon has now been established as a precautionary measure.

Two firefighters, wearing breathing apparatus, are continuing to coat the spilt alcohol with foam to prevent it from igniting.

Crews are also working to contain the leaked fluid on the carriageway in order for it to be pumped into a replacement tanker.

Update 9.30pm

Firefighters have now been able to temporarily stem the source of the leak from the tanker.

It is estimated that around 8,000 litres of gin has leaked from the tanker so far.

Crews have been able to contain the majority of the leaked alcohol on the carriageway using temporary dams.

Four firefighters, wearing breathing apparatus, are continuing to coat the alcohol with foam to minimise the risk if it igniting.

Update 10.30pm

Firefighters are continuing to contain the remaining alcohol in the tanker.

A replacement tanker has now arrived at the scene and crews are about to start decanting the gin into the tanker.

Clean-up work will take place once this process has been completed.

All trapped traffic has now been released from the scene.

Update 8am - 5th September

The carriageway reopened just after 4am on 5 September. Fire crews were at the scene for around nine hours. 

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Last updated: Thursday 05 September 2019