Multi-vehicle collision in Ellesmere Port

08/02/2019 - 11:58

A550 Welsh Road, Hooton, Ellesmere Port

Two fire engines attended - one from Powey Lane and one from Ellesmere Port


Shortly before 12 noon firefighters from Ellesmere Port and Powey Lane were dispatched to reports of a multi-vehicle collision on the A550 Welsh Road in Hooton.

On arrival at the scene crews discovered that the collision involved seven vehicles, including a HGV.

The majority of motorists had got out of their vehicles. However, one casually was medically trapped in her car.

Firefighters used specialist cutting equipment to get the woman out of the vehicle and then handed her over to the care of paramedics.

Her injuries are not believed to be life threatening at the current time.

Firefighters were in attendance at the scene for approximately 45 minutes.

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