Large barn fire in Goostrey

26/06/2018 - 12:37

Blackden Lane, Goostrey

Five fire engines attended - one from Wilmslow, one from Middlewich, one from Congleton, one from Knutsford and one from Penketh


Large barn fire in GoostreyAt around 12.35pm firefighters were called to reports of a large barn fire on Blackden Lane, Goostrey.

On arrival crews discovered that the fire involved a large amount of hay, approximately 10 metres square, which was well alight.

All persons were accounted for and the crews used four hose reel jets and a main jet to fight the fire.

Firefighters, one wearing breathing apparatus, extinguished one side of the barn and used a water curtain to stop the spread of the fire.Barn fire in Goostrey

Crews continued to use two hose reel jets, a main jet and a portable pump to tackle the fire involving bales of hay.

They damped down the area and checked for hot spots using a thermal imaging camera as a farmer removed hay from the barn with machinery.

Two main jets were in use by firefighters in the evening.Late at night and in the morning a tractor, a stack drag and tools were used to spread the hay.

Damping down and hay removal continued and the remaining hay was allowed to burn under the control of the farmer.

Once they were satisfied that the scene was safe fire crews left at around 11am.

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