Smouldering roof vent at a glass container manufacturing company in Elton, near Chester

30/03/2020 - 14:31

Ash Road, Elton, near Chester

Three fire engines attended - one from Powey Lane, one from Ellesmere Port and one from Frodsham - as did an aerial ladder platform from Chester


At around 2.30pm firefighters were called to a report of a fire involving the roof space of at a glass container manufacturing company on Ash Road in Elton, near Chester.

On arrival crews discovered that the fire involved a different part of the roof that was smouldering in a previous call-out less than 24 hours earlier.

On this occasion soot and ash was smouldering in a roof vent measuring approximately three metres by three metres.

Firefighters inspected the roof using a thermal imaging camera.

They then used shovels to put debris into buckets.

A firefighter working from an aerial ladder platform used a hose reel jet to stop the soot and ash from smouldering.

Some of the ash was swept away by firefighters and some was vented away, after roof leuvres were opened.

Firefighters were standing by on the ground with water and dry powder extinguishers if case smouldering debris fell from the roof space.

Once the vent had been made safe and all the debris had been cleared, firefighters inspected the roof with a thermal imaging camera.

They left the site satisfied that it was safe after finding there were no hotspots.

Firefighters were in attendance for around three hours.

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