Fire in the open in Delamere

15/05/2019 - 15:32

Station Road, Delamere

Three fire engines have been in attendance, one from Winsford, one from Chester and one from Frodsham

Shortly after 3.30pm firefighters were called to report of a fire in the open on Station Road in Delamere, near Northwich.
On arrival the crews discovered that it was a case of controlled burning that had spread to approximately 45 metres of grass banking.
The banking forms part of a previous silage pit containing a large number of tyres.
The fire had spread to the tyres, causing a large amount of smoke.
As well as around 50 to 60 tyres the fire had spread to a tree.
A water shuttle was set up to get enough water to the area.
Two firefighters wearing respirators each used a hose reel jet to fight the fire.
Once the fire looked to be out the affected area was damped down to make it safe.
Firefighters are currently working with a farmer to remove the top edge of the banking, with the aid of a tractor, to ensure that the fire is not deep seated.

Update at 5.45pm

The front and top edge of the mount was removed and there were no signs of deep seats of fire.
Firefighters continued to damp the area down to make it safe and ensure that the fire didn't reignite.

Update at 5.55pm

The number of fire engines in attendance was reduced to one.
Just one hose reel jet was used to damp down the area affected by the fire.
Crews left the scene by 6.46pm

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