Large hay fire at a farm in Broomhall, near Nantwich

29/08/2019 - 12:12

Heatley Lane, Broomhall, near Nantwich

Seven fire engines attended - one from Nantwich, two from Crewe, one from Audlem, one from Tarporley, one from Congleton and one from Whitchurch in Shropshire - as did an aerial ladder platform from Chester


At around 12.15pm firefighters were called to reports of a fire in the open at a farm in Heatley Lane, Broomhall, near Nantwich.

On arrival crews found that the fire involved approximately 4,000 tonnes of hay and the plastic sheeting over the top of it.

The fire also involved wire netting, tyres and railway sleepers.

The crews consulted with the farmer and two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus began using a hose reel jet to fight the fire. Two covering jets were also set up.

The firefighting activity was soon split into three sectors. A hose reel jet and a ground monitor were initially used in one sector and a firefighter wearing breathing apparatus used a main jet in another.

The final sector was used to get enough water to the area. A nearby hydrant was utilised and a water relay was set up.


An aerial ladder platform was in attendance to help fight the fire from above.

Firefighters were preparing to remove quantities of plastic sheeting, wire netting and tyres. 


Seven fire engines were in attendance as firefighters continued to fight the fire.


Police were in attendance, making the roadway safe.

The firefighting activity remained split into three sectors.

In one of the sectors four firefighters were using two hose reel jets to fight the fire.

They were also being helped by the farmer and his machinery to expose hay affected by the fire and damp it down to make it safe.

Three firefighters were doing the same in another sector.

A safety officer was in place in both of those sectors.

The crews in attendance were being rotated so that they could rehydrate.


The fire was under control.

Four of the seven fire engines that were in attendance had left the farm, as had the aerial ladder platform.

The firefighters still in attendance were working with the farmer to turn over the hay that had been affected by the fire and damp it down to make it safe.

Firefighters were also monitoring temperatures and looking for hotspots using a thermal imaging camera.


Only two fire engines were in attendance.

Firefighters were continuing to turn over and damp down with the aid of the farmer and his machinery.


One fire engine from Audlem remained at the scene to monitor the temperature of the affected area with a thermal imaging camera.

This was to ensure that there were no hotspots which could ignite.


The final fire engine from Audlem left the farm after the firefighters had deemed the fire to be come completely out and the area affected by it to be safe. 

Firefighters were in attendance for five-and-a-half hours.

The fire is believed to have been started accidentally.

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Last updated: Friday 30 August 2019