Large warehouse fire in Widnes

27/06/2019 - 20:45

Harrison Street, Widnes

At its peak 16 fire engines were dealing with the incident - two from Runcorn, one from Widnes, one from Stockton Heath, one from Lymm, two from Ellesmere Port, two from Penketh, one from Birchwood, one from Warrington, one from Sandbach, one from Winsford and three from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service - as were aerial ladder platforms from Lymm and Chester. A large number or relief fire engines have since attended


Firefighters tackling the fire in WidnesAt 8.45pm firefighters were called to reports of a large fire at Golden Triangle Industrial Estate in Harrison Street, Widnes.

The fire was declared a major incident.

On arrival crews found a warehouse measuring 30 metres by 50 metres well alight.

Firefighters quickly began using a main jet to fight the fire. Two ground monitors were also used.

The fire spread to the roof space and other industrial units.

Four industrial units measuring approximately 100 metres by 30 metres were affected by the fire, which caused a large amount of smoke.

The fire also affected residential addresses. Those addresses were Widnes fireevacuated.

A 300-metre cordon was set up for safety reasons. As the fire spread residents living in and near the area were advised to stay indoors and keep their windows and doors closed as a precaution.

Motorists were advised to avoid the area.

Due to the extent of it, the fire was sectorised.

Further fire engines, on top of the 12 that were already in attendance, were called to assist with the water supply.

Hose reel jets and ground monitors were used to protect nearby properties in a bid to stop the fire from spreading Widnes warehouse firefurther.

Gas cylinders at the site were moved to a safe location.

One casualty, a man, was given first aid by firefighters before being handed over to the care of paramedics. He had not been burnt by the fire.

Police also attended. Officers evacuated homes and controlled traffic.

Update at 11.30pm

Sixteen fire engines and an aerial ladder platform were in attendance.

A further aerial ladder platform from Chester was on its way to the scene.

Large warehouse fire in WidnesThe extra fire engines brought more water to the area to help crews deal with the fire.

Update at 12.05am

The aerial ladder platform from Chester was in attendance as firefighters continued to tackle the fire.

Update at 12.30am

Firefighters had got the fire contained and were beginning to bring it under control.

However, residents living in the Halebank area were still being advised to stay indoors and keep their windows and doors closed as a precaution.

Update at 1am

A water tower was being used to help crews fight the fire. Firefighters were making good progress.

Update at 1.45am

The number of fire engines in attendance had been reduced to 12. The three fire engines that attended from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service had been released from the incident, as had a fire engine from Runcorn.

Firefighters, including some wearing breathing apparatus, continued to make good progress in bringing the fire under control.

Residents living near the industrial estate who had been evacuated from their homes were told that they were not expected to be able to return to their homes that night.

Firefighters were expected to be dealing with the fire throughout the night.

Four relief fire engines were heading to the scene to replace other crews.

Update at 8amAerial ladder platform at the fire in Widnes

The fire was under control after several hose reel jets were used to fight it overnight.

The safety cordon had been reduced to 150 metres.

Firefighters were damping down the area to make it safe.

They were using water to cool down gas cylinders at the industrial estate that had been affected by the fire.

Four fire engines and an aerial ladder platform remained at the scene.

Road closures were in place and motorists were advised to avoid the area.Damage caused by fire

Approximately 50 domestic properties had been evacuated as a result of the fire.

Residents were told that they would be notified when it was safe to return to their homes.

Update at 10am

There was believed to be no fire damage to any of the nearby properties and an investigation into the cause of the fire had begun.

Road closures had been lifted but the site remained closed.

Update at 11am

Firefighters continued to damp down the site to make it safe and monitor the gas cylinders.

Update at 1pm

The cylinders had been deemed safe and the process of removing them from the scene had begun.

Update at 3pm

Four fire engines remained at the scene with crews continuing the damp the area down.

Update at 5.17pm

Cooling jets remained in place to damp down the area affected by the fire. The gas cylinders had been removed from the site. 

Update at 10.14am on Saturday 29 June

Two fire engines remained at the scene. Two ground monitors were in use and firefighters continued to damp the area down and check for hot spots using a thermal imaging camera.

A hose reel jet was being used for damping down.

Update at 9.48am on Sunday 30 June

Firefighters continued to monitor temperatures and damp down the areas affected by the fire.

A cordon remained in place and three ground monitors were in use.

Update at 10am on Monday 1 July

At around 9am it was confirmed that the fire had been extinguished and no hot spots were being detected.

However, part of the site was set to be demolished for safety reasons so firefighters were standing by in case there were any outbreaks of fire during this process.

A fire engine from Widnes was in attendance.

Update at 3pm on Monday 1 July

Firefighting activity had ceased at the scene and full time attendance of firefighters was no longer required.

Firefighters agreed to return to inspect the site sporadically until demolition work began the following morning.

Part of the site was set to be demolished.

Update at 12:02pm on Tuesday 2 July

A demolition team was at the site and fire crews had been stood down.

The fire incident was closed.


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