Rescue of man stuck in mud, Warrington

19/04/2019 - 20:27

Adamson Street, Warrington.

Two fire engines attended from Birchwood and Widnes, the water incident unit from Warrington, and the rope rescue unit from Lymm

Fire and rescue crews from Birchwood and Widnes were joined by the water incident unit form Warrington and the rope rescue team from Lymm to come to the rescue of a man who had got stuck on a muddy embankment off Adamson Street, Warrington. The water trained team used a raft to make their way across the River Mersey, where they were able to pull the man from the mud and bring him aboard. He had been stuck on the embankment for nearly an hour, and he was passed to the care of paramedics once they were back ashore.

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