Are you Weather Ready?

Are you Weather Ready? Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the Met Office Weather Ready Campaign.

It pays to be prepared for winter. There are a few simple steps you can take to prepare yourself, your vehicle and your home or business. Is there anyone else you can help prepare for winter? Perhaps a neighbour, friend or relative? 

The Met Office have produced 10 things you can do to prepare for winter:

  • Get your flu jab.

  • Top up anti-freeze, screen wash, check your tyres and think about a winter kit for your car.

  • Consider alternative commuting plans for severe weather and alternative childcare plans in case of school or nursery closures.

  • Check your heating - your home should be heated to at least 18°C.

  • Consider how you would access vital information if a storm takes out power and phone lines.

  • Think about what may be impacted by strong winds or flooding - guttering, pipes, roof tiles/slates, garden items and things being stored on your ground floor.

  • Check your pipes are insulated and know where your stop tap is. 

  • Make sure you have basic supplies in case you have to leave home quickly or your power and water are disrupted.

  • Share this checklist with your neighbours, see if they have any other tips and tell them if you can help in severe weather.

  • Find out about what else you can do to prepare yourself and your community for severe weather (opens in new window) 

For further information in relation to these points please visit:

Winter readiness checklist (opens in new window)

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service:

In addition to this Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service also have further information at the following pages that can help prepare you for winter:

Priority Services Register:

Energy and Supplier Networks can provide additional services to those who may require it if their power supply is interrupted in the short or long term. For further information about who may be eligible and how to register please visit:

Priority Services Register (opens in new window)

Health and Wellbeing:

For further information about Staying Well this Winter please visit the NHS Stay Well website at Stay Well (opens in new window)

The winter period can also mean we might not see people as often as we might like, if you think you might need information, friendship or advice please contact The Silver Line free phone number available 24/7  on 0800 4 70 80 90.

Age UK can also provide information and advice in relation to a range of topics, for further information please visit Age UK (opens in new window) or phone their free advice line on 0800 055 6112 between 8am-7pm, 365 days a year.

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Are you Weather Ready?