Cadent Gas initiative - free lockable safety valves for vulnerable people

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the Cadent Gas initiative to enhance gas cooker safety for vulnerable householders.

Cadent Gas is offering to fit a free lockable safety device (locking cooker valve) to the pipework of a gas cooker or hob – this service is free of charge and is installed by a competent Cadent Gas engineer.

This simple safety device will help a person living in a vulnerable situation retain their independence, and provide reassurance to family, friends and carers.

Reasons to fit a locking cooker valve

When you care for a vulnerable person, such as someone living with dementia or autism, you may need extra safeguarding in place. A locking cooker valve can help someone stay safe in their own home. The valve can easily be turned off and on and locked by the carer, enabling the person you care for to continue to use their gas cooker safely. When the valve is locked, the gas supply is isolated which means if the cooker is unintentionally turned on or left on when you are out of the room, there is no risk of gas escaping.

Apply for the free service

If you are a carer or health service provider and know someone who could benefit from this free service, please visit the Cadent Gas  website of for more information on how to apply:

Cadent Gas website (opens in new window)

Last updated: Tuesday 15 January 2019

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