CFRS Celebrates Lesbian Visibility Week 2021

CFRS Celebrates Lesbian Visibility Week 2021The Service is celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week (26 April -2 May) and we want to dedicate some time to our amazing lesbian and gay women.

Lesbian Visibility ‘Day’ first took place back in 2008, but last year it became Lesbian Visibility Week. Activities will be more restricted than we would like due to the ongoing pandemic, but we will do our very best to recognise the contribution made by our lesbian and gay women through our intranet and media channels.

As an inclusive organisation, we have successfully attracted and retained many lesbian and gay women in our Service. This particular group of women have played a major part in helping us become more inclusive. In modern times, lesbian and gay women have fulfilled most roles in our Service, contributed to every area of work and there have been some excellent role models that have helped inspire other LGBT people to succeed.

Fire Authority member and Equality Champion, Cllr Marilyn Houston has provided a supportive statement for this year’s visibility week

‘Having joined the Cheshire Fire Authority in 2019/2020, I was immediately made to feel welcome as a member of the LGBT+ community. It is clear that staff are very passionate about LGBT+ inclusion. We are recognised nationally for the amazing work around equality and inclusion and I can see why we are currently 3rd in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. We know from independent staff surveys that Lesbian and gay women in the Service are some of the happiest amongst us and this really helps to attract talented people who may wish to take up a career in a Service where they know they will be accepted, valued and respected’. 

Across the week, the Service will hold the following activities:

  • The LGBT flag will be flown at HQ

  • Increased visibility across online platforms using the CFRS Lesbian Visibility Day flag and statements of support from senior leaders.

  • Staff across the Service have produced photos to show their support.

  • Access to 18 webinars related to Lesbian Visibility, gender equality and intersectionality.

  • To access the webinars and other resources, please visit the Lesbian Visibility Week website at

Last updated: Thursday 06 May 2021

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CFRS Celebrates Lesbian Visibility Week 2021