Live sprinkler demo and seminar - 12 October

Live sprinkler demoThe Business Safety and Protection teams at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service are holding a live sprinkler demonstration at their Sadler Road, Winsford as part of the push to promote sprinklers to save lives and to assist in the delivery of business continuity plans for businesses and schools.

The demonstration will form part of a free fire safety seminar with a keynote speaker delivering Business continuity advice. The seminar will feature presentations on key areas commonly not met by businesses and will highlight the benefits of sprinklers to you in your business continuity planning.

The demonstration will feature two almost identically furnished ‘rooms’ being set alight. There will be only one difference - one of the rooms will be fitted with a sprinkler system, the other won’t!

This event is particularly relevant to those who have responsibility for care homes, HMO's, schools, factories, registered social landlords and also those who provide care to people who are referred to us by partner agencies because they are considered to be at a particular risk. 

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If anyone would like more information please contact Tracey Carter, Business Safety Manager at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service -

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Live sprinkler demo