Our approach to COVID-19 regarding enforcement

Fire engineFrom the 18th March members of the protection department will be making desk top audits via the telephone over the coming weeks to support businesses.

Under the requirements of The (fire safety) Order 2005, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service must continue to enforce fire safety legislation to keep the public and businesses safe. If at the time of the call you are not able to answer the questions due to business needs  you will be offered an appointment at a scheduled time agreeable by both parties.  This appointment will be confirmed by email from the officer who will be carrying out the desk top audit.

In normal circumstances the audit would be carried out by visiting your premises, however this is not advisable due to current Government guidance.  Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service staff will be asking questions relating to fire safety processes and procedures and asking for supporting documents to be sent to them. This is relevant to support the fire risk assessment for your premises and answers to the questions we are asking.

The information we collect from you will be used to update our contact details and will be used as part of the risk based assessment when we carry out a physical audit post restrictions relating to COVID 19.

The data collected will be stored centrally and securely within Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the call.  This may be used to invite you to free Cheshire Fire and Rescue seminars and/or fire safety events.  We keep the minimum amount of data possible and do not share this with any third party.

Last updated: Friday 27 March 2020

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