Warning to residents following increase in wheelie bin fires

Wheelie bin on fire by a window of a propertyResidents and business owners in Warrington are being urged by firefighters to only leave wheelie bins outside on collection day following an increase in deliberate fires.

Deliberate fire setting has increased over the past two weeks with Warrington fire crews dealing with numerous wheelie bin fires.

The increase is believed to be due to the time of year – Halloween and Bonfire Night – and it coinciding with half term.

Firefighters are appealing for those responsible to consider the possible fatal consequences of starting fires deliberately.

They are also asking people living or working in Warrington to take measures to prevent their wheelie bins from becoming a target for arsonists.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s advice for preventing a wheelie bin fire can be found here:

  • Store all wheelie bins away, especially at night, to avoid them becoming a target for arsonists

  • Only place your wheelie bin outside on collection day and return it to a safe place in your property as soon as possible after collection

  • Whenever possible wheelie bins should be stored securely behind locked gates

  • Do not overfill your wheelie bins or leave loose rubbish around them

Warrington Fire Station Manager Neil Winstanley said: “This is an extremely dangerous form of anti-social behaviour that could result in putting the lives of the community and properties at risk.

“While we are working closely with our partners to tackle this issue we also need the public’s help to stop wheelie bins being a target for arsonists. The public can do this by following our safety advice.

“This time of year is one of the busiest for us and dealing with nuisance deliberate acts like this prevents us from attending other incidents and keeping the rest of the community safe.”

Anyone with information about wheelie bins being set on fire should contact Cheshire Police on 101, give the details online at https://www.cheshire.police.uk/contact/general-enquiries 

If you see a fire do not attempt to tackle it yourself, instead call 999 immediately.

Last updated: Friday 01 November 2019

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Wheelie bin on fire by a window of a property