Reminder to test your smoke alarms and security this weekend

Cheshire emergency service staff will be joining forces this weekend, as the clocks go back (October 27), to help keep people safe in their homes.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Cheshire Police have two very different, but important, messages to give to help protect and keep residents and their property safe as the darker nights draw in.Change you clocks, test your smoke alarms

Steve McCormick, Prevention Manager at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Keeping everyone safe from fire inside their home is vital so we would like to remind people to check that smoke alarms are in good working order.

This simple task, in conjunction with a simple, effective escape plan, can ensure everyone has the time needed to escape in an emergency.

“We would promote that, where able to, you also test the smoke alarm of those who may not be able to do so themselves. This could be family, friends or neighbours.”

Top tips for smoke alarm maintenance are:

  • test it once a week, by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds 

  • change the battery once a year (unless it’s a ten-year alarm) 

  • replace the whole unit every ten years

  • regularly vacuum around the smoke alarm to remove any dust

DCI Simon Draco at Cheshire Police said: “We want people to protect their homes and not give thieves a chance at this time of year. Being extra vigilant and checking home security this weekend will help keep both your home and possessions safe from criminals.

“Simple steps such as thinking about minimising your social media footprint before posting your whereabouts and activity if on holiday or set running and cycling GPS systems to start a distance away from the home all help to outwit thieves.”

The following advice will help to keep your home secure:Keep your shed locked

  • Keep your house and car keys safe and away from doors and windows 

  • Fit a burglar alarm, but make sure it is installed properly and works 

  • Keep your garage and garden shed locked with proper security locks, and keep any tools secure and out of sight 

  • Trim back any plants or hedges that a burglar could hide behind 

  • Make sure you have up-to-date home insurance.

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