Road safety operation to educate drivers and riders in Chester

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service will be taking part in a road safety operation alongside colleagues from Cheshire Police in a bid to help keep people safe on the roads.

The operation will take place on Wednesday 14 April between 10.30am – 3pm on the roads in and around the Saughall area, Chester.

Firefighters taking part in the operation will demonstrate to drivers and riders how to stay safe on the roads with 'close pass' mats and other road safety aids.

Covert officers from Cheshire Police will ride along the identified hot spot areas while wearing body worn cameras. Uniformed officers will then be stopping any drivers identified as having driven too close to the covert officers. The drivers will then be educated on how to pass riders safely and why this is so important – with officers enforcing the law where necessary.

Riders will also be invited to stop as part of the initiative to talk about how to keep themselves safe on their journeys, the importance of being visible to other road users and the significance of courteous riding.

Station Manager Andy Gray, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Road Safety Manager, said: “I am really pleased to be working in partnership with Cheshire Police with this initiative as making Cheshire’s roads as safe as possible for all is vitally important to the people who use our roads.

“We will be offering education and advice to both drivers and cyclists, and will be demonstrating why it is crucial for both to be more aware of each other on the roads. Cyclists can feel extremely vulnerable when being overtaken by another vehicle, and we want everyone to feel as safe as possible on their journeys and to share the space.”

Chief Inspector for Cheshire Police’s Roads and Crime Unit, Rob Dickinson, said: “There has been a large increase of cyclists on the roads recently and there has been an increase in the number of reports of ‘close passes’ where the safety of cyclists has been put at risk.

“This operation is about educating drivers to the vulnerability of cyclists and others riding on two wheels such as motorcyclists, and explaining the reasons why it is so important to leave enough space when overtaking. Everyone has the right to use the roads safely and we want all road users to be more considerate of each other, regardless of their chosen mode of transport.”

Last updated: Tuesday 13 April 2021