Silver Jubilee Bridge exercise

Silver Jubilee Bridge exerciseFirefighters took part in a multi-agency exercise on the Silver Jubilee Bridge last month.

The rope rescue unit and the water rescue unit took part in two scenarios to test their skills whilst work on the closed bridge, in Runcorn, is being carried out.

The first scenario saw a worker suffer a trauma at the top of the scaffolding and specialist crews lower the casualty over 80ft to the ground. Runcorn and Widnes pumps had to travel to the bridge, make contact with site personnel before making their way up to the top of the scaffolding to lower the casualty down.Firefighters at a training exercise

The water rescue team had to pick up a casualty who had fallen onto the mud flats below the bridge and take them to medics. The Runcorn boat launched from Spike Island with the Warrington boat joining shortly afterwards to rescue the casualty.

The exercise was successful and also gave the crews some fantastic views of the surrounding area.

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Firefighters at a training exercise
Silver Jubilee Bridge exercise