Small chemical incident in Middlewich

15/01/2019 - 09:36

Webbs Lane, Middlewich.

Three fire engines attended - one from Winsford, one from Northwich and one from Middlewich

Firefighters were called to a pub in Webbs Lane, Middlewich, following reports of frozen nitrogen tanks in the cellar.
The building was evacuated and everyone was accounted for.
An inner cordon was established as a precaution and gas and electrics were isolated.
Two breathing apparatus and a hose reel were used while investigating the source of the leak.
A safety jet was also put in place and the canal walk way was cordoned off  behind the pub as a precaution.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus re-entered the cellar to check the cylinder pressure readings to see if they had stabilised and then ventilated the area.
The pressure had reduced and electricity was turned back on, with the reading showing as normal.
Firefighters remained at the scene to monitor the situation.
They were in attendance for around three hours.

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