Summer road safety tips

Car on a country road in Cheshire

Long warm days can be the perfect opportunity to get out and about in your car. If you're planning a road trip, please read the information below for the most important things you need to check and do, before you take to the road.

Vehicle safety checks

If you're planning a long journey, we would recommend that you complete a few vehicles checks to ensure you and your vehicle are safely equipped to drive:

Vehicle safety checks

Stay safe on the roads

To stay safe on the roads remember :  slow, sober, secure, silent and sharp.


Stay under limits, and slow down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops to protect others. Slow right down for bends, brows and bad weather, and avoid overtaking. 


Never drive after drinking any alcohol or drugs – not a drop, not a drag. Plan ahead to make sure that you, and anyone you're with, can get home safely and never get a lift with drink/drug drivers. Speak out if someone is about to drive on drink or drugs.


Buckle up !  Make sure everyone in your vehicle is belted up on every journey, and kids smaller than 150cm are in a proper child restraint. Choose the safest vehicle you can, and ensure it's maintained.


Never take or makes calls, read or type when driving or riding a motorbike. Put communication devices out of reach, and stay focussed on the road.


Stay focussed on safe driving. Take regular breaks and never drive if tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving. To avoid getting over-tired or dehydrated, take frequent breaks from driving to rest, drink and eat - these breaks won’t add much to your journey time, but they’ll help to keep up your concentration levels while you’re driving.  Keeping a regular supply of cool air circulating inside the car will help you stay comfortable and alert.

Summer is motorbike and cycle season - so always look out for motorbikes and cyclists.

Also, remember to get your eyes tested every two years and wear glasses or lenses at the wheel if needed.

Beware of the glare - driving in summer can mean bright sun and tired eyes. Keep your windscreen clean, use your sun visor and wear sunglasses if it helps.

More road safety tips

Please use the links below for more road safety tips:

Last updated: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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Car on a country road in Cheshire

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